Women & Money: Taking Control of Your Finances – By Thrivent Financial

Free Seminar just for women – Sunday 11/15

Women are increasingly becoming responsible for their family’s financial well-begin.  They also face  unique financial challenges – like longer lifespans and caregiving responsibilities – that can affect their long-term financial security. That’s why it’s essential for women to develop a Financial strategy.

During this event, you’ll learn:

  • How and why women’s economic clout is growing.
  • How day-to-day7 realities and expectations can affect your financial future.
  • Six steps to help you take control of your money and achieve financial security.

FREE Babysitting!

12 pm

Lunch Provided from Blacksmith Lounge (famous – Broasted chicken)
(I don’t even need to attend to know this is a good financial decision!)

RSVP by Nov 6 to Linda Johnston (651.287.3030 or linda.johnston@thrivant.com)