Confirming the Faith: a Holistic Approach to Confirmation

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly” ~ John 10:10

The Reality: A Changing Culture

Have you noticed that things are changing in our culture?
Consider this:

  • Percent of Students Graduating from High School
    • 1950: 25%
    • 2010: 90%
  • Average Age of Marriage
    • 1950:22
    • 2010: 26
  • Percent of Children Born into Single-parent Homes:
    • 1950: 4%
    • 2010: 41%
  • Young People Leaving Church
    • 59% of 18-29 year-olds who grew up going to church are not longer connected to a Christian congregation.
    • These stats show that youth are growing up slower, with less family support, and are turning away from the Church. Such changes are disturbing!
    • But some things never change. The fact is that all of us are broken by sin – our own sin and the sins of others. All of us are longing for Life – real, abundant, meaningful, eternal life. And Jesus, the crucified and risen Lord, offers this life and forgiveness to all who repent and trust in Him. Because these things don’t change, we have hope!

The Approach: Holistic and Hands-on

At New Life we are addressing our changing culture by restructuring our process for helping young Christians mature. We continue to teach the basic truths of Christianity – truths that are centered on Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. But we don’t stop with imparting the very important head knowledge. We are supplementing this teach with…

  1. Hands-on practical learning activities associated with the contents of the Christian faith.
  2. Service projects inside and outside the congregation.
  3. Mentoring with faithful Christian adults.
  4. Youth participation in worship.
  5. Special getaway retreats.
  6. Discovery of personal gifts and abilities, and opportunities to use them in meaningful ways.
  7. Group and individual projects.
  8. Intentional training to help young people listen actively to sermons and apply them to real life situations.

The Goal: Lifelong Disciples in Community

The goal of our approach to confirmation is to incorporate young Christians into the community of believers, and to help them become healthy, adult Christians. What is a healthy, adult Christian?