Trinity First of Mpls Ministry Event – Bridging To Success

What a GREAT opportunity to serve a ministry right here in our metro area.  On July 16-18, our congregation joined with teachers and other congregations throughout the metro area to make a difference in the lives of children right here in Minneapolis.

Trinity First is a Lutheran church and school in the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis. During the summer they offer a program to students and children in the area from 1st grade through 8th for structured fun, learning and meals. Many of these youngsters could easily lose ground gained through the school year if left without structure and opportunities through the long hot days of summer.

Our New Life Church family committed to serve a 3-day week of this event, and our own Carrie Butcher who works at the school coordinates all the activities and resources that make this event possible, fun and exciting for all the children participating.

Some donated food, and boy oh boy – did those kids dig into the Sloppy Joes! The team prayed there would be enough, and like the widow’s cupboard, there was always enough for one more “joe.”

Some volunteers were available to serve a meal for the day, some helped in classrooms, some made crafts, some chaperoned at the event for the week at Underwater World.  And we all sweated and drank gallons of water!  And through it all, everyone was blessed.

Next year, why not think about coming along?  It is 3-day event. You decide the level you want to participate.  One day? All 3? Donating food?

Children play a slapping, clapping, laughing game after breakfast

Making food ahead of time?  Come see God’s working through people like you and me!

In the Kitchen of the Aquarium – sushi anyone?