Fall Bible Studies – Choose One – Choose More!

Sunday Morning: Noah

On September 7th we are going to begin a new Sunday morning Bible class for youth and adults. We’ll be taking a close look at Noah and the Flood. If you saw the recent movie staring Russell Crowe, you’ll know there are some strange ideas out there. In this four-week study we will take a close look at the biblical account, examine some of the historical and scientific data that has been discovered, and consider what the Flood teaches about God’s judgment and mercy. This class meets on Sunday mornings during the Education Hour at 10:45 am in the North Classroom. There will be no speaking or reading required. Parents with children 2 and under are welcome to join us and bring along their little ones.

Lesson 1 Noah the Man 

Lesson 2 The Ark

Lesson 3 The Flood

Friday Morning Bible Study: Exodus

This fall the Friday morning Bible study group will begin a study of the first story of God’s deliverance, the book of Exodus. You’ll learn about how God rescued His people from slavery, how He led them through trials and temptations in the desert, and how God provided for their physical and spiritual needs along the way. This study meets on Fridays from 10:00am-noon in the North Classroom here at New Life, beginning September 5. Everyone is welcome to join! Speak with Linda Wiegert if you would like more information.



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